Welcome to Graham's Bee Works


It is with a sad heart that we announce the closing of Grahams’s Bee Works. Since starting this business in 1992, Roger and Juanita worked together to help community beekeepers ensure the future of nature’s most important insect by helping beekeepers with informative classes and quality products.

As it happens, sometimes God has a different path for those we love, and it alters the course for those left behind. While we realize the importance of this work, the course has changed so greatly that it can no longer include running Graham’s Bee Works.

We pray that you all continue your efforts to care for the honeybees. We appreciate your patience, your participation, and most of all, your support of Graham’s Bee Works. It has been a wonderful journey. We wish the best to those who continue the work Roger and Juanita started over these past years. You will be in our hearts. Always.





Store Hours of Operation:  CLOSED

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